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Fishing Electronics in Wolfeboro: Reasons to Use GPS on a Boat

Fishing Electronics in Wolfeboro: Reasons to Use GPS on a Boat

GPS Fishing ElectronicsDid you know that Lake Winnipesaukee is nearly 21 miles in length and boats over 70 square miles of water to explore? Add to that over 250 natural islands that are at least three feet above lake level and about 130 that are over a quarter acre in size, and there is much to explore when you visit this region. Visitors who take advantage of New Hampshire boat rentals should take care when venturing out on Lake Winnipesaukee. Local tackle rentals are great for those who want to fish without hauling in a bunch of gear, and boating safety in New Hampshire is extremely important for all operators.

When most people think about fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, they only think about fish finders. But the truth is that GPS units are one of the best types of equipment to have when out exploring a lake of this size. A GPS unit receives signals from government satellites that are used to determine the exact location of the device. While there are many different types of units, most GPS devices can pinpoint your exact device in latitude and longitude. The size of Lake Winnipesaukee is surprising, and with many visitors coming to the area every summer, it pays to have a device that can help you find your way back to shore.

Using GPS on a Boat

You might not have ever thought about using GPS on a boat, but when you visit a lake that is the size of Lake Winnipesaukee, you really need some navigational assistance. In fact, people have gotten lost while riding around in a boat on the lake, so you should at least have a map and take a moment to become acquainted with your surroundings. While you most likely have some sort of GPS on your smartphone, there are better models that will provide better performance when out on the water. Once your smartphone loses its signal, the chances are good that you won’t be able to use that app-based GPS either.

The most common types of GPS units for boating include:

  • Hand-Held Units – These battery-operated options are great for use on small boats. They don’t need to be mounted or hooked up into the console, plus they don’t take up a lot of space.
  • Portable Units – While not as small as the hand-held units, these portable GPS receivers have larger screens that you can use to see where you are and where you want to go. They also have more features than the hand-held units, which makes them very popular with boat operators. Can be powered by batteries or plugged in with a 12-volt power source. Can be temporarily mounted with a simple bracket set-up or used as a hand-held device and stowed away when not in use.
  • Fixed- Mount Units – The most features and biggest displays are found on this type of unit. However, if you are using New Hampshire boat rentals when you visit Lake Winnipesaukee, unless the unit is already mounted, this won’t be an option as they are designed for permanent installation and not temporary use. These units will also sometimes include fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, such as fish-finders and other useful features.
  • Stand-Alone Units – Sometimes known in the marine industry as a “chart plotter,” these units don’t include a lot of extra features and just focus purely on the GPS.

If you are bringing a GPS unit with you from your home state, make sure to download maps for Lake Winnipesaukee when you arrive. A basic map database is typically pre-installed on most GPS units, regardless of the type, but if you want something specific, you’ll need to download it and install it yourself. Some maps may need to be purchased, while others simply need to be downloaded when you arrive at your destination. If you rent fishing electronics in Wolfeboro that include a GPS, you won’t need to download or install anything, as it will have everything you need to navigate around Lake Winnipesaukee already installed.

Boating Safety in New Hampshire

Even if you rent a boat at the NH Hole in the Wall that is only 25 HP or non-motorized, it’s still a good idea to at least take the boating safety course online in advance of your trip. In addition to local tackle rentals and bait, boating safety in New Hampshire is one of the best tools you can have on your side when renting a boat. Make sure to have a flotation device for everyone on board. If you don’t already own life vests, make sure to ask about them when you visit our bait and tackle store to get your New Hampshire boat rentals. We have everything you need at the NH Hole in the Wall to have a great trip out on the lake.

In fact, give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to reserve your boat rentals in advance. Our team can even answer questions about fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, provide live bait advice, and give you a list of options for local tackle rentals. The more planning you put into your trip before you arrive at Lake Winnipesaukee, the more fun you’ll have once you get here!

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