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Explore Local Boat Rentals for Fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee

Explore Local Boat Rentals for Fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee

Planning a fishing trip to New Hampshire? Make sure to look into Wolfeboro boat rentals before you go. Whether you bring your own custom fishing rods and reels or decide to rent some at local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro, if you forget something important, the chances are good that you will be able to find it at the NH Hole in the Wall on main Street. Stop by and visit our store in person to see our array of Lake Winnipeaukee fishing tackle and live bait. While there are lots of different species of fish in this amazing lake, lots of fishermen come up here to catch smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Smallmouth vs. Largemouth Bass
While some people might think that the only difference between these two fish is the size of their mouth, they would be greatly mistaken. While both species are in the sunfish family, they are different colors and provide different fishing experiences out on the lake. Your best bet is to take advantage of Wolfeboro boat rentals and ask the locals about fishing spots for these popular fish. Due to the large number of islands, inlets, and weedy areas, there are lots of great places to look for both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

  • SMALLMOUTH – Identified quickly by its brown color and vertical black stripes. The striping isn’t perfect, but splotched. The dorsal fins on this species are connected and they do have smaller mouths than the largemouth bass.
  • LARGEMOUTH – The mouth on this species is definitely oversized compared to its body. Coloring is completely different from the smallmouth, with an olive green top and a light-colored underbelly. Black striping on this species is horizontal and varies in size. Unlike the smallmouth bass, the dorsal fins on the largemouth are almost completely separated.

As a whole, both species are very aggressive and much more intelligent than the average lake fish. In fact, they will often strike at bait repeatedly until they get it. However, they will also learn to avoid lures that are used frequently, passing them by completely. Ask around at local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro to see what they are currently biting on, which can vary with the season, and find out the best spot to take your boat rentals while out on the lake. Your local tackle store can also give you tips on the best lures and live bait to try, as well as share insight on some of the more unique Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle available.

Fishing on a Boat
If you have previously only fished from shore and are trying out Wolfeboro boat rentals for the first time, it pays to have some tips. While ideas on custom fishing rods and reels can be unique to each fisherman and style of fishing, the basic skills and boating techniques listed below are pretty much agreed upon across the board. Take some time to review these tips before you get out on the water to avoid making an embarassing mistake. Some are common sense, while others may surprise you. Either way, it’s good boating etiquette for fishermen to learn while enjoying their time out on the water with their own custom fishing rods and reels or Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle rentals.

  • Stand or Sit? – We have all seen fishing programs where the fisherman stands up to reel in the “big one,” only to capsize and fall into the water. So when you are out on Wolfeboro boat rentals, should you stand or sit? The type of boat can help make the decision for you. Smaller boats, such as rafts, rowboats, and canoes require the boater to sit down when reeling in a catch, while larger boats, such as pontoons or Boston Whalers, will allos you to move about comfortably during your trip.
  • Casting Tips – When casting your line out from a boat, you will want to make shorter, smoother casts. This can be a huge advantage, especially with fish species that spook easily. The less noise and splash you make for some species of fish, the more likely they will be to take the bait. Move in to the area where you want to fish and then just quietly plop the line in the water.
  • Keep an Eye Open – When fishing from a boat, make sure to think about others, especially those inside your own boat. You can avoid getting your lines tangled, hooking up your lures, or hooking a lure into a fellow fisherman, just by paying attention to everyone on board and giving yourself lots of room to cast and fish.

Call Ahead to Rent a Boat
If you are interested in taking advantage of Wolfeboro boat rentals, make sure to contact the NH Hole in the Wall. You can get everything you need for a fishing vacation, including tackle rentals, live bait, lures, custom fishing rods and reels. Boat rentals are available in addition to rentals of Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle. Call today at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and get pricing and other important information about renting boats from the NH Hole in the Wall.

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