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Expert Canoe Fishing Tips: Boat Rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee

Expert Canoe Fishing Tips: Boat Rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee

If you have never tried your hand at canoe fishing, make sure to check out these boat rentals at Lake Winnipesaukee for some awesome summertime or autumn fun. Visit our Wolfeboro bait stores to get things like custom fishing rods and reels, but also make sure to check out the canoe rentals that are available, too. The NH Hole in the Wall has lots of great live bait, lures, and fishing gear in New Hampshire for locals, tourists, and seasonal residents. Whatever type of fishing or boating you want to do can be assisted with the products, equipment, and rentals available at the NH Hole in the Wall.

A Quiet Alternative
Compared to other types of boating which typically involved the use of a motor, canoe fishing is a nice and quiet alternative. If you want to be able to maneuver in the shallow waters, shoreline, and inlets of Lake Winnipesaukee, then canoe fishing is right for you. While safety is always important, you are not required to take a boating safety course to operate a canoe, as it does not have an engine. This is great for people who just want to come on up to New Hampshire and get out on the lake. No muss, no fuss.

How to Rig a Canoe
When you come to the NH Hole in the Wall to get boat rentals for Lake Winnipesaukee, you have your choice of a twelve or seventeen foot Old Town Discovery canoe. Ask about any rigging that might be included for fishing or inquire about rentals of fishing gear in New Hampshire. We have got everything you could need to make the most out of your fishing trip. Rod holders are a great way to keep equipment neatly stowed away and prevent tripping or snagging while out on the water.

Make sure to secure all of your items that are not in-use. This includes tackle boxes and other fishing gear, including secondary custom fishing rods and reels. You won’t want to have to dive into the lake to retrieve things if they fall over. Lake Winnipesaukee is deeper than most people think! Better yet, bring a waterproof bag that can be used to secure your electronics, such as a GPS, smartphone, satellite phone or other pieces of equipment. You can also stow extra articles of clothing, warm clothing for when the sun goes down, and any food that you bring. Again, all of this should be secured to the canoe to prevent it from going overboard.

Two is Better Than One
When it comes to canoe fishing, two fishermen are better than one. Fishing with a partner can help you to maintain position better and assist with paddling. They can also help you bring in a fish using a net if you are trying to reel it into the boat. A second person also provides balance to prevent capsizing the boat into the lake. Make sure to cast properly on opposite sides of the boat, taking care not to hit your partner with the lure. If neither one of you don’t have any experience using a canoe out on the lake, you might want to look up more tips online for two in a canoe to make things even easier.

Best Spots to Fish
Make sure to ask about great fishing spots for canoes when you stop in the local Wolfeboro bait stores. The local fishermen are usually happy to share information with friendly visitors. Not only will you get access to some great custom fishing rods and reels, live bait, and fishing gear in New Hampshire, but you can get the best deals on boat rentals for Lake Winnipesaukee.

If you are unable to find any locals with details on canoe fishing, you can be safe in casting toward the banks where the weeds grow. If you can cast your line out to the outer areas of the growth, you will nearly always find some fish. Another great tip is to fish in areas that are smooth and lack a quick-moving current. Be as quiet as you can – another advantage of using a canoe instead of a motor boat – and avoid hitting your paddles together inside the boat.

Be Safe and Smart on the Water
Always wear a life vest and don’t forget to think about sunscreen – especially during the hot summer months. Take time to check out the lake on a map and bring along a GPS if you can. Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in all of New Hampshire, and people have been known to get lost when out on the water. Ask about any additional safety tips and maps where you get your canoe rentals. Contact the NH Hole in the Wall by calling 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to reserve a canoe in advance of your fishing trip or to learn more about all of the other things we carry at our Wolfeboro bait store.

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