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Call Ahead to Reserve the Best Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Rentals

Call Ahead to Reserve the Best Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Rentals

best boat rentals wolfeboroWhat is a vacation at the lake without a boat? There are so many things to do when you visit New Hampshire, and so many of those activities involve being out on the water. Fishing and exploring, sight-seeing and swimming, tubing and water skiing – the list goes on and on. While we talk a lot about how to rent a boat in Wolfeboro at the NH Hole in the Wall, it is also essential to do as much ahead of your visit as possible so you can spend most of your time having fun. Boating safety in New Hampshire involves taking an online safety course and then following up with a local, state, or federal accredited organization to complete your safety certificate. You can also get your certificate locally, but that might delay your ability to get out and enjoy your Lake Winnipesaukee boat rentals.

Non-Motorized Boats

While it is still highly recommended to learn as much about boat safety in New Hampshire before you get out on the water, there is no legal requirement to get a safety certificate when you rent a boat in Wolfeboro that isn’t motorized. Motor boat rentals are different than canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and other people-powered vessels. The only requirement in New Hampshire is that you must have a legal safety certificate to operate a boat that has an engine of more than 25 horsepower (HP). That means anything 25 HP or less, including non-motorized vessels, do not require a boating safety certificate to operate.

That being said, it is still a good idea to learn about water safety, make sure that every passenger on your boat has a properly fitted flotation device, and that you know the rules of the “road” for best results. Common boating courtesies will help you to have a much more positive experience and avoid issues with other boaters. Most online courses and even web-based videos and informational websites can help you to learn the ins and outs of boating. You want to avoid an accident at all costs, stay away from speed boat and water skiing areas with your kayak, and also learn all the best spots for fishing.

Motor Boat Rentals

If you want to rent a boat in Wolfeboro that has an engine, the NH Hole in the Wall has several options for you to consider. We do have a 13-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport that is 25 HP, which means it doesn’t require a certificate for boating safety in New Hampshire to operate. You can rent this boat and our other Lake Winnipesaukee boat rentals by the day, half-day, or weekly options. A deposit is required, and we do have flotation devices and other recreational sports rentals available at our shop. We have pretty much anything you might need to enjoy your trip to Lake Winnipesaukee right here at the NH Hole in the Wall.

Some of the other motor boat rentals we carry include:

  • 15-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport (SS) 60 HP
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum SS 25 HP
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum SS 40 HP
  • 16.5-foot Aluminum Lund Rebel XS 75 HP
  • 16-foot Aluminum Lund Tiller 30 HP

As you might imagine, these boats are quite popular with our customers. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the fun, contact our office ahead of your visit to find out what you can do to make reservations to rent a boat in Wolfeboro. We do have an online registration form for all of the vessels that we carry. All rentals are subject to availability, so the sooner you can make a reservation and provide all of your information, the better. Online reservations are NOT confirmed until someone from the NH Hole in the Wall gets back to you, so be sure to check for a confirmation email from our team.

Explore Lake Winnipesaukee

There is so much to see and do when you visit Lake Winnipesaukee. With more than 72 square miles of surface space, the lake is 9.5 miles wide and 28 miles long. Lake Winnipesaukee is located 504 feet above sea level, and the deepest part of the lake is 169 feet just southeast of Rattlesnake Island. There are a host of cities and towns available to visit and explore, including Wolfeboro, Meredith, and Alton. Go shopping, participate in local events, enjoy our many festivals and fishing contests, try our many restaurants, and just immerse yourself in the local vacation culture.

Don’t plan a trip to New Hampshire without securing Lake Winnipesaukee boat rentals first. When you rent a boat in Wolfeboro, you gain the ability to explore parts of the lake that you might miss from dry land. There are 365 islands to visit, 274 of which are habitable, and so much nature, wildlife, and sights to see that you won’t be bored for a single second. Make sure to look into taking that course for boating safety in New Hampshire ahead of your visit if you want to get motor boat rentals. If you are interested in learning more about the NH Hole in the Wall or would like to rent a boat for your trip, give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653).

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