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Boating Safety Tips for Visitors: New Hampshire Boat Rentals

Boating Safety Tips for Visitors: New Hampshire Boat Rentals

Even if you have experience operating a boat in the past, it is a good idea to refresh your memory or take a boating safety course before taking advantage of New Hampshire boat rentals. In fact, there is a state mandate that requires boat operators to take a Boating Education Course through the NH.gov website before operating a motorboat that has more than 25 horsepower (HP) in the engine. So whether you are renting a boat locally at Wolfeboro bait stores like the NH Hole in the Wall or if you are bringing your own personal vessel from home, make sure you are up on safety rules and regulations before getting out on the water.

Great Family Fun
Whether you enjoy fishing, sight-seeing, water-skiing or some other water-based sport, boating is a fun activity for people of all ages. You can enjoy the gorgeous coastline of the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee, fish for small and largemouth bass using local tackle rentals, or you can explore the multitude of islands. To do any of these activities, you’re going to need a boat. Even if you don’t plan on fishing when you come to New Hampshire, you can get a fishing license where you get your boat rentals in Wolfeboro and you can even take advantage of local tackle rentals and bait stores to help get you started.

No matter what you do, safety needs to be a top priority. If you are taking your family out on the lake, you will need to know some basic safety rules, even if it’s just a small rowboat or kayak. Before you leave the dock or shore, make sure your kids understand the rules and know how to be safe out on the water. Start by getting life jackets for everyone – even the family dog. In most states, life jackets are mandatory for anyone under the age of six, but regardless of the age, it is better to be safe even if your kids are teenagers. Make sure the jackets are the proper size and style for each person and that they wear them at all times.

Setting Boundaries
It is important to go over rules for the boat rentals in Wolfeboro, not just according to the rental company, but for safety. Children respect rules. They have them at home, out in public, at school, and even in the car, so it makes sense that there would be rules and boundaries while using New Hampshire boat rentals on the lake. The first rule that kids need to know is that they should keep their hands and feet inside the boat when it is moving at all times. They should also know how to “balance” a boat, by keeping the weight distributed equally on all sides to prevent tipping. No running should be a common sense rule, but it definitely still needs to be highlighted.

Make sure to check the local laws regarding children on boats, operating boats, and where certain types of boats can be while out on the lake. There are a wide range of vessels on Lake Winnipesaukee, including rowboats, power boats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and sailboats. You don’t want to get yourself in an area that is restricted regarding motor boats and find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. The more you can learn about New Hampshire boat rentals, boat operation laws, and local regulations for the lake, the easier it will be to stay compliant throughout your trip.

Have a Great Time
Once you and your family learn about safety for boat rentals in Wolfeboro, you can get down to the business of having a great time on your vacation to Lake Winnipesaukee. Safety is important, but it is just the basic foundation of your experience. Pack a cooler with drinks for everyone to enjoy while out on the water and consider bringing along a picnic lunch if you will be out for the whole day. Warm weather treats, such as fresh fruit, water bottles, and other healthy snacks will provide energy and help everyone to stay hydrated while out on the water.

Pack a backpack for everyone and bring along a change of clothes – just in case. If you will be swimming, make sure to bring towels, sunblock, and anything else you might need. Plan some activities in advance and bring along some gear, such as snorkel sets, buckets to build sand castles or collect rocks, fishing rods and local tackle rentals from Wolfeboro bait stores – whatever it is that you want to do while out on the lake, make sure to bring it along. You can rent a boat through our New Hampshire boat rentals for a half day, full day, or even an entire week, so make sure to ask about all of the opportunities to have fun while out on the water.

The NH Hole in the Wall
However you want to spend your trip to Lake Winnipesaukee, make sure to contact the NH Hole in the Wall in advance to reserve your boat rentals in Wolfeboro. We can give you information on fishing and hunting licenses, assist you with local tackle rentals and live bait, help you plot your course to all the best fishing spots, and even help with ice fishing if you decide to come back in the winter. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our friendly staff members to learn more about our New Hampshire boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee!

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