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Boater Education & Safety: How to Rent a Boat in Wolfeboro

Boater Education & Safety: How to Rent a Boat in Wolfeboro

Boating SafetyIf you are planning a trip to New Hampshire this summer, you might be thinking about using Wolfeboro boat rentals for fishing or other types of water recreation. However, before you contact stores that feature local tackle rentals to rent a boat in Wolfeboro or anywhere else in the surrounding area, make sure that you are familiar with the licensing and requirements for using a boat within the state. The more you know about the local requirements and the more you know about boater safety, the less likely you will be to have any problems.

Saving Lives
Studies show that boater education works to prevent accidents, ultimately saving lives. Even if your state or the state you are going fishing in does not require it, you have a responsibility to learn all that you can about how to properly operate a boat. Some of the other skills that you should also learn when you rent a boat in Wolfeboro include proper navigation, communications in case of emergency, basic first-aid and life-saving techniques. Accidents can happen anywhere, so before you head out on Lake Winnipesaukee or any other body of water on your trip, make sure you know what to do if something goes wrong.


  • approximately 7,700 boater accidents are reported each year
  • nearly 70 percent of those are caused by operator error
  • only less than 10 percent of minor boating accidents are even reported
  • incompetent boaters cause more accidents; and those accidents are more severe than accidents that involve educated and informed boaters
  • boating fatalities are second only to fatalities on the highways
  • over 80 percent of recreational boaters involved in fatal boating accidents did not take any boater education courses prior to the accident

Data from the National State Boating Law Administrators reveals that there are more than 12.5 million boats registered in the United States. Due to so many individuals being out on the water and navigating various waterways, it is more important now than ever before for new boaters and those who use boat rentals from Wolfeboro bait stores and local tackle rentals to know the rules of the water to provide an all-around safer experience for themselves and their passengers. The more knowledge and education that a boater has – even an amateur boat operator – the number of accidents could be greatly reduced nationwide.

Where to Take a Course
Before you come to New Hampshire for your vacation, you just might want to take a boater safety course. In fact, the State of New Hampshire requires a boater safety course for every boat operator that is 16 years of age or older operating a vessel that is over 25 horsepower. Contact your Wolfeboro boat rentals first to find out about any courses that might be available locally near the lake, but you can also take a course at home before you visit through the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, the National Safe Boating Council, Safe Boating America and other national programs.

Depending on your insurance company, receiving boating education might even reduce your insurance premiums. Due to all of the statistics that prove the benefit of all boaters taking a safety and educational driving course, many insurance companies who provide policies for boats, are now also recommending operator knowledge and safety courses as well. So while many states now require education courses to be taken prior to operation, there are many insurance companies that are rewarding clients for taking these courses through reduced rates. Check with your insurance company to find out if you would be eligible for a discount just for taking a boating safety course.

Rent a Boat in Wolfeboro
When you come to vacation or fish at Lake Winnipesaukee, you can rent a boat in Wolfeboro from the Hole in the Wall, where we also provide local tackle rentals. One of the more popular Wolfeboro bait stores, we also carry a wide range of options for live bait, lures, tackle, custom rods and reels, and just about anything you could ever need to make your visit here complete. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) to learn more about all of the products and services we provide or to put in a reservation for one of our popular boat rentals in Wolfeboro during your visit.

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