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Boat Storage Tips for Your Lake Winnipesaukee Vacation Home

Boat Storage Tips for Your Lake Winnipesaukee Vacation Home

So you’ve decided to buy a New Hampshire vacation boat for when you visit Lake Winnipesaukee. While some people may trailer their boat and bring it back and forth, others prefer to store it locally. If you own a place in the area, have a timeshare, or rent a place that you come back to each year, you will want to find a place to store your new boat on-site or in the area. If you choose a boat that is less than 20 feet, your options increase considerably compared to other mid-sized or large-sized vessels. In fact, you could even store it inside of a garage, shed or at a nearby storage facility without having to worry about it too much.

Year-Round Storage
If you decide to buy a boat at Lake Winnipesaukee, keep your storage ideas in mind while shopping our full line of vessels at the NH Hole in the Wall. When you come for vacation in New Hampshire, you will want to have quick access to your boat. Whether you like fishing, exploring, sight-seeing, traveling from one end of the lake to the other, or just enjoy boating as a hobby, it is important to make sure that you don’t have to go to a lot of trouble just to get your boat out of storage. Storing it in a garage, shed or storage facility near the lake is ideal, but if you don’t have any of these options at your disposal, you will want to start asking around to the locals.

Local docks can be used for tying up boats temporarily while they are being used. In fact, Lake Winnipesaukee has quite a few free public docks to choose from during your stay. However, it is important to know the rules and understand any restrictions regarding use before you dock your boat, whether it’s just for an hour or overnight. Check with places that have boat rentals in Wolfeboro, such as the NH Hole in the Wall. Not only can you get live bait, tackle rentals, sporting goods, and boat sales, but you can also get a lot of helpful information from local residents who know the area.

  • Late Spring, Summer, and Early Fall – Make sure your boat is easily accessible. When you buy a boat at Lake Winnipesaukee, ask about dock rentals and storage space in the local area. Find out about trailers or racks that you can add to your vehicle to make transporting your New Hampshire vacation boat a lot easier.
  • Late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring – Depending on the way that the season is going, there may be ice out on Lake Winnipesaukee. If you visit the area during these seasons, you may be able to use your boat, but then again, maybe not. Find out about off-season storage for when the weather turns bitter cold to protect your new boat from weather-related damage.

Ways to Store Small Boats
You could always get a single boat rack for your garage or hook up a hanging apparatus for your shed to keep your boat up off the ground. One way that people often store small wooden and fiberglass boats is to turn it upside down. The hull becomes a shelter for the interior of the boat, but for best results, the boat should be blocked up off the ground to increase circulation. Moisture and lack of air are the biggest enemies for your small boat. Trailer storage is another option. If you have a special trailer for your small boat, you can tighten it down and store it, either in an outdoor storage facility, your driveway, or in a garage, depending on what is available to you.

Dry rack storage can be helpful, especially for those who vacation in New Hampshire and need a place to keep their boat when they are out of town. Ask about dry rack storage, which hoists boats up onto multi-level racks for long-term storage. Boats of all sizes can be stacked up, sometimes three or four levels high, to provide protection from the elements. Look into winter covers if you will be storing your boat outdoors to protect against vandalism and weathering from the sun, wind, snow, and ice. Canvas covers work well and are the traditional choice when you buy a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee. However, shrink wrapping, plastic tarps, and custom covers are also used frequently by New Hampshire vacation boat owners.

Visit the NH Hole in the Wall
Whether you are interested in boat sales or boat rentals in Wolfeboro, make sure to stop by the NH Hole in the Wall on Main Street to take a look at all of the options available. Visitors and locals alike come into our bait and tackle store to get all of the equipment, tools, and gear that they need to enjoy their vacation in New Hampshire. So if you want to buy a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee or if you are interested in renting a New Hampshire vacation boat, give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our friendly team members. We have a wide variety of options to suit your needs and budget.

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