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Boat Rentals in Wolfeboro: Popular Recreational Water Sports

Boat Rentals in Wolfeboro: Popular Recreational Water Sports

Recreational Water Sports Lake WinnipesaukeeWhile many people come to Lake Winnipesaukee for the beautiful scenery and plentiful fishing opportunities, others come for recreational water sports. Wakeboarding, water skiing, swimming, and much more can all be enjoyed at this beautiful New Hampshire location. The best way to get out on the water is to take advantage of boat rentals in Wolfeboro. The NH Hole in the Wall has a wide variety of boat rentals that you can use, depending on the type of water sport you want to try. We have row boats, canoes, and kayaks, which can be used for exploring the 200-plus islands, and we also have motor boats in a variety of sizes and horsepower.

What You Need to Know

Like most other states, New Hampshire has laws about boat operation. Non-motorized boats do not require a special license, although it is recommended that you take at least a basic safety course in-person or online before you get out on the water. We also have personal flotation devices, such as safety vests and life jackets, which should be worn by each passenger on your vessel. For power boats, anything over 25 HP (horsepower) requires any operator over 16 years of age to have a boating education certificate. Instead of a New Hampshire certificate, boaters can use any certificate that was issued by another State agency that is NASBLA approved. They can also use certificates issued by the US Power Squadron, the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, as well as any unexpired commercial boating licensed issued by the US Coast Guard or the State of New Hampshire.

Visit the New Hampshire Government website at www.nh.gov/safety/ to see the latest information for online courses that may be completed and locations where final exams may be taken. Details regarding temporary 14-day certificates and agencies are also available on this government page.

Choosing the Best Boat

When you visit our bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro, you will also see a lot of gear for recreational water sports and fishing tackle in New Hampshire. In fact, the NH Hole in the Wall has a very wide selection of games, gear, live bait, equipment, tools, and boat rentals in Wolfeboro. Located on Main Street, we are very popular with both visitors to the area and locals. The “best” boat depends on what you plan to use it for during your visit to Lake Winnipesaukee. Some activities may benefit greatly from the maneuverability of a kayak or a canoe, while others will require the use of a motor boat, such as water skiing and wakeboarding.

When you visit the NH Hole in the Wall, your current choices include:

  • 13-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport (25 HP)
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum SS (25 HP)
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum SS (25 HP) w/salmon package
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum Tiller (30 HP)
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum (40 HP)
  • 15-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport (60 HP)
  • 16.5-foot Lund Aluminum Rebel XS (75 HP)

We also rent Rossiter Classic Crew row boats in 13-foot and 17-foot sizes, as well as Old Town Discovery Canoes in 12-foot and 17-foot sizes. Kayaks are available in several different sizes and types, again depending on your needs. Kypad paddleboards are also available and are quite popular with visitors to the New Hampshire Lakes Region. All rentals are subject to availability, so consider reserving your boat rental ahead of your trip by visiting our website or by calling our local office for boat rentals in Wolfeboro.

Ready to Try Wakeboarding?

One of the most popular types of recreational water sports involves an activity known as wakeboarding. We have a lot of visitors ask about wakeboarding, and our boat rentals in Wolfeboro are perfect for those who want to participate in this sport. Total newbies should consider taking at least an online prep course to learn how to get up on the board, distribute their weight, and get the most out of the experience. Boat operators should know that they should take it slow, keeping the speed under 16 MPH. If the wakeboarder has trouble getting up on the board, go slower – not faster. A lot of websites will tell you that speed is the key, but you are just setting your inexperienced wakeboarder up for failure.

A shorter rope can also be critical, approximately 45-50 feet of line, depending on the size of your vessel. Not only is it easier to get up and stay up, but it can also make wakeboarding a lot more fun. A gradual speed increase is key, helping the wakeboarder to keep their balance. Once they get a bit more comfortable on the board, you can slowly increase the speed to around 15-18 MPH. Rope length may need to be adjusted as speed increases, and depending on the moves or tricks the wakeboarder wants to try. The most significant misunderstanding is that recreational water sports require the biggest HP vessels. If you are new to wakeboarding or any other water sport, a 25 HP boat will be just fine. While the 25 HP vessels do not require a boating certificate in New Hampshire for operators over the age of 16, it is still recommended.

Reserve Your Boat Rentals in Wolfeboro Today
Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to reserve your boat rentals or to ask about rentals for recreational water sports. The NH Hole in the Wall is one of the most popular bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro. We have a wide selection of everything you need to enjoy the natural surroundings and opportunities at Lake Winnipesaukee. Come by and see us for all of your recreational, boating, live bait and fishing tackle in New Hampshire!

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