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Basic Lake Fishing Tips for Memorable New Hampshire Vacations

Basic Lake Fishing Tips for Memorable New Hampshire Vacations

Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing TipsIf you have never traveled to New Hampshire or considered it for a fishing trip, you might not be aware of the well-known Lakes Region, which encompasses the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. Lake fishing is far different from fishing in a pond or a river. There are different methods and techniques that can be used to provide better results when fishing in lake waters. A lake is defined as a body of water that is almost entirely surrounded by land. It is attached to a stream or a river, which either feeds or drains the lake.

New Hampshire boat rentals from the NH Hole in the Wall are helpful for fishing trips to Lake Winnipesaukee. We also carry a wide variety of tackle, lures, and live bait in New Hampshire for visitors to the Lakes Region. If you don’t bring everything with you when you drive or fly into the area, you can also get rentals for just about anything you might need, including boats, rods, electronics, and even popular types of Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle. Visitors to this area do many different types of fishing, including fishing from the shore on the banks of Lake Winnipesaukee and getting out on the water with motorized and non-motorized boat rentals.

Lake Winnipesaukee: The Facts

The largest lake in all of New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee is approximately 21 miles in length and ranges between one and nine miles wide. The lake covers 69 square miles, which expands to 71 square miles when Paugus Bay is included. Lake Winnipesaukee has a maximum depth of 212 feet, and the center area of the lake is known as the Broads. There are over 250 islands within the lake, many of which are less than a quarter of an acre in size. Fishing is excellent at Lake Winnipesaukee, which also boasts several peninsulas and a shoreline of 288 miles. You can drive around the lake in about 63 miles, and the entire lake is at 504 feet above sea level.

Compared to the rest of New England, which is known for its beautiful lakes, waterways, and plentiful fishing, Lake Winnipesaukee ranks third for size behind Lake Champlain in Vermont and Moosehead Lake in Maine. A very popular vacation destination for tourists from all over the globe, people have been coming here for summer excursions for more than a hundred years. A glacial lake, Lake Winnipesaukee is also well-known for its winter ice fishing in addition to its summer attractions. Several communities and towns surround the lake, including Wolfeboro, which is where you can get boat rentals and fishing tackle in New Hampshire at the NH Hole in the Wall. Several large bays, inlets, and other sections of the lake are fun to explore by boat, bicycle, car, or on foot.

Best Places to Fish

When you come to get your New Hampshire boat rentals, make sure to ask about good places to fish for the species you are trying to catch. In addition to chatting with the locals, you can also rent or purchase fishing electronics when you pick up your live bait in New Hampshire at our bait and tackle shop on Main Street. However, there are some basic lake fishing tips that you can use to your advantage. When it comes to catching the “fish of your dreams” on vacation to Lake Winnipesaukee, the more tips you can get to use in your favor, the better.

  • Inlets & Outlets – One of the significant benefits of lake fishing is finding the unique hiding places where the fish like to hang out during the day. Most fish appreciate water that is within a specific temperature range. This is why you will find certain species of fish hanging out in the shallows or the deeper part of the lake at different times of the day. Inlets and outlets provide an exciting opportunity. As the water enters the lake or drains out of the lake, the inlets and outlets will be much cooler than the rest of the lake.
  • Go Deep in the Heat – The hotter the summer gets, the deeper out the fish will go. Be prepared to get out there if you want to catch something on your vacation. Our New Hampshire boat rentals tend to go faster in the summer, so make sure you secure a rental by placing your reservation online or over the phone before you arrive. Shallow water fishing can still be done in the summer as long it is during the hours of early dawn and late dusk.
  • Bait Matters – The bait that you choose to use for catching a particular species of fish matters, so it pays to ask the locals. When you pick up your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle, be sure to ask about popular lures and other types of fishing tackle in New Hampshire that might give you a little advantage. Live bait in New Hampshire must be purchased locally. Favorite freshwater baits used with fishing tackle in New Hampshire include worms, minnows, and leeches. Some fishermen swear by crickets and artificial lures, such as fishing jigs. These are all very versatile types of bait because a wide range of fish is attracted to them.

Contact the NH Hole in the Wall by calling 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or by using our online CONTACT form via our website. We can provide you with price quotes and additional information for any of our New Hampshire boat rentals and hook you up with the best Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle at our local bait and tackle shop on Main Street in Wolfeboro.

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