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Bait, Tackle & Fishing Boat Rentals for Lake Winnipesaukee

Bait, Tackle & Fishing Boat Rentals for Lake Winnipesaukee

If you are looking for fun and adventure on your next trip to New Hampshire, make sure to check out the boat rentals in Wolfeboro at the NH Hole in the Wall. You can get bait and tackle rentals at our Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle store, as well as live bait, lures, and sporting goods. Fishing electronics in Wolfeboro are great for those who are new to the lake, as well as for regular visitors who just want to find where the fish are hiding. Whatever you need to have a successful and memorable trip to the lake, make sure to stop by our Wolfeboro bait stores to get it.

The Boston Whaler

One of the most popular boat rentals in Wolfeboro is the Boston Whaler. Now available at the NH Hole in the wall in two sizes, and you can call ahead to reserve your boat rental from our Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle store in advance. You can use a Boston Whaler to safely explore the lake, take the kids out fishing, or spend a day out on the water with friends. If you are not familiar with these boat rentals in Wolfeboro, the Boston Whaler has a reputation in the motorboat industry for being unsinkable and are easy to handle for novice boaters. Choose between the 13 and 15-foot lengths, which have a 25HP or 60HP engine, respectively.

In New Hampshire, boat operators of motorboats over 25 HP are required to have taken a certified safety course. However, it’s a good idea for everyone to take a safety course just to make sure you know what to do in case of an emergency on the water. When you call NH Hole in the Wall to inquire about renting a boat from our Wolfeboro bait stores, make sure to ask about boating requirements. Some of the coursework can be done online via the New Hampshire Fish & Game website. If you are doing any fishing, you will also want to ask about getting a fishing license and purchasing Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle and live bait. We have everything you need to have an enjoyable experience out on the lake.

Lund Aluminum Boats

Another popular vessel available for rent at the NH Hole in the Wall is our series of Lund aluminum boats. Choose from several sizes and horsepower engines, starting with a 16-foot SS 25 HP model all the way up to a 16-1/2 foot aluminum Lund Rebel XS 75 HP. Since 1948, Lund has built their boats using high quality aluminum and longitudinal construction to maintain boat alignment and create a very straight and rock-solid hull. Durable, secure, and stable, Lund aluminum boats are easy to use for beginners, yet provide all of the performance required by a seasoned veteran.

If you are coming to Lake Winnipesaukee for a fishing trip, the Lund aluminum boats are a great way to get out there on the water and get to the fish that you’ve come to New Hampshire to catch. Visit our Wolfeboro bait stores for everything you’ll need, from classic Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle to live bait, custom rods and reels to fishing electronics in Wolfeboro; we’ve got everything you need under one roof.

Self-Propelled Boats

Another option that is so much fun for use out on Lake Winnipesaukee is to get boat rentals in Wolfeboro that are self-propelled, meaning that you use an oar to get around instead of an engine. No state regulated safety course is required. However, it is always recommended to at least take a basic online safety course before using a boat for the first time. The more information you have about safety, the better it will be for you and your passengers. There are three basic types of self-propelled boats: rowboats, canoes, and kayaks.

  • Classic Custom Rossiter Row Boats – Available for half-day, full day, and weekly rentals, these boats come in two sizes: 13-foot and 17-foot options. The size that you select will depend upon how many passengers you will want to bring and what you will be using the boat for out on the lake. Rowboats are great for exploring the shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee, as there are many shallow areas that you just cannot reach with a motorized boat.
  • Old Town Discovery Canoes – Available for half-day, full day, and weekly rentals, these boats are available in two sizes: 12-foot and 17-foot options. Again, select the size based upon the number of passengers and your plans for the boat. Like the rowboat, canoes are great for exploring the shoreline, islands, and are also excellent for fishing. Any of these boats would be perfect for spending a day out on the water, either alone or with friends.
  • Old Town Kayak Rentals – Like the canoes and rowboats, the canoes can be rented half-day, full day, and weekly, depending on your needs. There are several choices available in kayaks, so you will want to speak with a representative. The smallest kayak is the 10-foot Old Town Heron II XT, and the largest is the 13-foot Old Town Malibu Two XI. Kypads and paddleboards are also available.

Boat Rentals in Wolfeboro at the NH Hole in the Wall

No matter what time of year you come up to New Hampshire, you can count on the NH Hole in the Wall to hook you up (pun intended) with just about any type of Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle, live bait, local lures, sporting goods, boat rentals, and equipment that you need to get out there and enjoy the lake. In the winter, ask about our ice fishing equipment rentals, Bob House rentals, sleds, and other essential gear. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653).

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