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Artificial Lures vs. Live Bait: Fishing Tips in New Hampshire

Artificial Lures vs. Live Bait: Fishing Tips in New Hampshire

When it comes to lake fishing in New England, it pays to talk with local fishermen to find out which type of bait works best. However, when it comes to bait there are two schools of thought: artificial lures versus live bait. Which one works best? Figuring out which type of bait is best for your fishing trip can depend upon a couple of different variables. What kind of fish are you fishing for on your trip? Will you be in a boat or out on the shore? What time of year is it? Your best bet is to check with local Wolfeboro bait stores when you get into town and be prepared to play it by ear.

The Case for Artificial Lures
When fish are hungry, they will go for just about anything that moves. Certain artificial lures that are available at bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro are designed to mimic certain actions that will catch the attention of fish – even when they aren’t hungry. Lures that are able to do this are extremely valuable, as they provide fishermen with more options to catch a fish than simply waiting around for the fish to start looking for food. That alone is a good reason to try your hand at artificial lures on your next fishing trip to Lake Winnipesaukee.

Some of the lures that are available are even more high-tech. Some can make noises or vibrate to attract fish from great distances. Top water lures, such as the crank bait variety, are designed to mimic fleeing bait fish and really attract attention. There are other advantages to choosing artificial lures, such as not having to replenish live bait or purchase live bait in New Hampshire when you get there. If you have a particular artificial lure that you really like, you can bring it from fishing trip to fishing trip.

The Case for Live Bait
Why buy something that mimics live bait when you can purchase live bait? Many fishermen prefer to use the “real” thing instead of artificial lures because it has the natural scent and behavior that fish are naturally drawn to in the wild. Certain species of fish will only bite on live bait, so if there is a certain type of fish that you are trying to catch on your trip to Lake Winnipesaukee, make sure to purchase live bait in New Hampshire when you get into town. This advantage alone is enough to make some fishermen die-hard live bait users and keep their distance from artificial lures at bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro.

Some may argue that the cost of live bait versus artificial lures, which can be used and re-used multiple times, is a detriment, but the truth is that live bait doesn’t really cost a lot to purchase. You can get prices for live bait by contacting local Wolfeboro bait stores and do the comparison yourself. Live bait is easy to use and helps even beginner fishermen be successful the first time they go out on the lake. Stopping in to purchase your live bait in New Hampshire the evening before or the morning of your fishing trip is also part of the experience and something you won’t want to miss.

So What’s the Verdict?
When it comes to choosing between artificial lures and live bait there’s only one person who can answer the question, and that’s you. Your preference, the type of fish you are fishing for, the time of year, the method of fishing and your own personal ideas on the matter are all that counts. Some fishermen keep a variety of both artificial lures and live bait in their tackle box so they will be ready to respond to whatever the fish are biting on for the day. Wolfeboro bait stores carry both artificial and live bait in New Hampshire so you can collect some artificial lures for your tackle box and get some live bait to use that day.

Visit the Hole in the Wall
If you come to Lake Winnipesaukee for a fishing trip this year, stop by the Hole in the Wall bait and tackle store in Wolfeboro to take a look at all of the local tackle rentals, sales and live bait in New Hampshire that are available to help make your trip even more successful. You can also call Wolfeboro bait stores in advance to get boat rentals and other equipment rentals, depending on the time of year. Call the Hole in the Wall by dialing 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to learn more about all of the products and supplies available at our Wolfeboro store.

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