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Artificial Lures 101: Fishing Tackle Rentals in Wolfeboro, NH

Artificial Lures 101: Fishing Tackle Rentals in Wolfeboro, NH

If you have checked out some of the latest technology in the way of modern fishing lures you probably quickly realized that these aren’t your granddad’s fishing lures. Salmon lures and flies, as well as other types of lures available at your local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro, have changed. While many still give a nod to the traditional tricks and methods used to entice a fish into biting, there are some that seem to have been created in a high-tech laboratory, using colors and shapes that you might not have ever dreamed would work.

Whatever lures you decide to use, make sure to take them out on Lake Winnipesaukee on your next New Hampshire vacation, and take advantage of boat rentals in Wolfeboro to get you there. Thanks to fishing tackle rentals and other options at local shops, you could make your way to the lake in the morning with nothing but a carry on, and be fishing out on the lake by afternoon. You can even make your rental reservations online or by phone at the NH Hole in the Wall. It’s never been easier to take a weekend fishing trip to some of the most beautiful and fish-filled lakes in the country!

What You Need to Know
The goal of any lure is to get the attention of a fish. Some lures work better on certain types of fish than others, so it’s a good idea to ask the locals or the staff at the bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro when you arrive. It can be overwhelming to try and pick out the best types of salmon lures and flies, so it pays to do a little research and not be shy about asking for advice. The best lures are the ones that mimic the look and behavior of the baitfish that a particular species of fish typically eats.

It is also important to know what the behavior of the baitfish that you are trying to imitate would be so you can manipulate that artificial lure to get the maximum results. Skills have to be learned by doing and while watching videos online, reading books, and getting tips from expert fishermen are a great way to get the knowledge in your head, the best way to be successful is to secure boat rentals in Wolfeboro and get out on the water so you can try it for yourself.

Lures vs Live Bait
There are a lot of pros and cons for any type of bait that you choose to use with your fishing tackle rentals or personal gear. What might work for one fisherman, won’t necessarily work for anyone else. There are a lot of factors at play including the weather conditions, the location where you drop your line, the time of day, the depth of the water – it’s almost impossible to predict unless you spend a lot of time fishing the same spot. Fishing electronics can be helpful in locating the fish, but you still need to put the time in to see what gets them to bite.

While lures can ultimately cost more than live bait, they also have a bigger return on your investment. Some lures are handed down for generations, passed from father to son or grandfather to grandson, meaning they last a long time. Even the new-fangled salmon lures and flies that you can get at local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro are designed to last. So once you make the investment, you won’t have to keep buying them, unless you want more varieties. You need to learn how to “work” the lure to gain the interest of the fish, so a little more skill is required, but the reward makes it all worth the effort.

Types of Lures
When you start shopping around for lures, you will notice that there are several distinct categories that they all fall under. It is important to learn a little bit about the various functions and characteristics of each type so you will be able to identify them easier and know how to use them to your advantage. Spend some time hanging out at tackle stores like the NH Hole in the Wall. Not only can you try out new things with fishing tackle rentals and boat rentals in Wolfeboro on your fishing trip, but you might find something new that you can’t get back home.

The four primary types of lures include:

  • JIGS – One of the most affordable and versatile types of artificial lures, jigs create a vertical and jerky movement in the water due to the weight of the lead head that is molded onto the frame of the hook.
  • SPOONS – The end of this lure is shaped like the end of a spoon, as the curved metal creates a unique-looking action under the water as it gets reeled in on the line. It makes a fluttering motion, which attracts the attention of bigger fish, resembling somewhat the movements of an injured baitfish.
  • SPINNERS – As you might have guessed, this type of lure moves through the water, spinning the blades on the metal shaft. Sounds and vibrations are created through this movement, attracting fish to the lure. This is a great choice for waters that have low visibility.
  • FLIES – This type of artificial lure is used specifically in fly fishing. They are very light in weight and are manipulated in such a way to make them appear as actual flying insects above the water. This is where technique really comes into play.

Contact the NH Hole in the Wall
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