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A Beginner’s Guide to Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

A Beginner’s Guide to Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

ice-fishing-in-wolfeboroHave you always wanted to learn about ice fishing but were afraid to ask? One of the best things about living and vacationing in New Hampshire near Lake Winnipesaukee, is the fantastic opportunity for ice fishing that you get in this region. Before you go out on the lake, it is important to have all the right gear and know what to expect. You should never go unprepared. You can pick up all your Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies, live bait, ice fishing equipment rentals and even get Bob House rentals at Hole in the Wall.

What Gear Do I Need?
To do ice fishing right, you at least need a basic amount of gear. If you are just getting into the sport and trying it out for the first time, consider renting ice fishing equipment from a local bait and tackle shop in Wolfeboro. But the truth is, you don’t really need a lot of equipment to get started – just a love for fishing and a willingness to try something new!

Some of the things you will need for ice fishing in Wolfeboro include:

  • Get a License – You need a license for fishing in New Hampshire, so make sure to get one locally or visit the website for the New Hampshire Fish & Game to purchase, download and print your license in minutes.
  • Buy or Rent an Auger – You can get one at Hole in the Wall. We carry a high compression propane ice auger that gives you all the extra power you want without all the extra weight. We also have ion electric ice augers that can drill up to 1,000 inches per charge.
  • Ice Fishing Equipment – You will also need to get a rod-and-reel combination for ice fishing. If you already have a basic setup with a stiff rod and at least an eight pound fishing line, you should be able to catch a variety of fish species without trouble. Consider using a tip-up line to increase your chances. You can get those at Hole in the Wall as well.
  • Accessories – In addition to the equipment listed above there are other things that you want to have on-hand while ice fishing in Wolfeboro. An ice scooper, live bait, a bucket, rod holders, food and beverages. Hand warmers and a portable barbecue are also nice additions if you are going to be out there any length of time.

Dress Properly for Safety
In addition to purchasing or renting Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies, it is also important to dress appropriately for being out in the cold weather. Insulated snow pants, heavy winter coats, good gloves, insulated and waterproof boots, as well as anything else you prefer to use. A smart fisherman will also bring along extra gloves – just in case – and a scarf and hat.

Consider a Shelter
Did you know that using an ice shelter is not required when you are ice fishing? However, it does make the entire experience a lot more enjoyable. You can get Bob House rentals through Hole in the Wall right on Lake Winnipesaukee. While there are a couple of different types of shelters available, the Bob House rentals are by far the most favored and popular by locals and visitors alike in New Hampshire. If this is your first time ice fishing in Wolfeboro, make sure to do yourself a favor and get one of our Bob House rentals.

Know How to Check the Ice
Chances are if you are a newbie and you are asking about ice fishing equipment in town, people will let you know if the ice isn’t ready. If you aren’t sure – ask an experienced fisherman or local. The ice needs to be at least four inches thick before you can go out to do any type of ice fishing. Check with your local bait and tackle shop at Hole in the Wall to find out if other, more experienced fishermen are already out on the ice. Once you do get out on the ice, double check the space you have chosen by drilling your auger hole right away to test for that four inch minimum thickness.

The best spots for ice fishing in Wolfeboro is where all the other fishermen are fishing. You will likely see a group of fishermen or a group of Bob House rentals out on the ice. Move toward that area for your best shot at hooking a fish, but don’t move in too close to the other fishermen. Make sure to keep your distance out of respect from individuals and shelters.

Get Drilling and Fishing
Grab your ice fishing equipment and drill your hole. Be careful when using the auger because the blades will be very sharp. If you aren’t sure how to use an auger, don’t be afraid to ask at the bait and tackle shop when you purchase or rent your Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies. If you are doing it right, the auger should make a grinding noise before it starts to sink into the ice to make your hole. You will feel it when it gets all the way through to the water below.

Once you are finished drilling your holes, you can start setting up your fishing lines and other ice fishing equipment. Set the lines with live bait – typically minnows – or lures, depending on the recommendation of the experts at the bait and tackle shop, or your own personal preference. Let the bait go all the way down to the bottom of the lake and then pull it up about two feet off the bottom. This will put you in prime position for winter fish habitats.

Visit Hole in the Wall for Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro
If you are interested in learning more about Bob House rentals and ice fishing equipment, contact Hole in the Wall, located on North Main Street in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. We are a family oriented business that is situated just off Lake Winnipesaukee, and we are prepared to take care of all your local sporting goods needs. Choose from custom fishing rods and reels to live bait, ice fishing supplies, equipment rentals and much more to enhance your winter fishing experience. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) to find out about our products and services or to get directions to our shop.

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