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A Beginner’s Guide to Bass Fishing Lures in New Hampshire

A Beginner’s Guide to Bass Fishing Lures in New Hampshire

Beginner Bass Fishing Lures and TackleIf you are new to fishing or using fishing lures instead of live bait as part of your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle, you might be overwhelmed when you start to examine all of the options available in fishing lures for bass fishing. There are lots of different sizes, styles and colors available to choose from, so it helps to have a little idea on what each type can do and why you might choose one product over another. Why one type of lure will work as well as live bait in New Hampshire over another is important information that you need to have if you want to successfully fish for bass.

Also known as spinnerbait or spinner baits, spinners are an excellent lure to use with bass, especially for beginners. You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge or experience to get success with a spinner. Combined with custom fishing rods and reels, this type of artificial lure is second only to live bait in its effectiveness. It should definitely be part of your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle if you are coming to fish for smallmouth or largemouth bass. All you need to do to use a spinner is cast it out and then reel it right back in again. Simplicity at its best.

Many fishermen consider spinners to be a “power” lure, which means that it can be retrieved faster than other types of lures, such as jigs or worms. This allows the fisherman to cover more water in less time, helping you to locate fish even faster on a large lake like Lake Winnipesaukee. One of the best-selling lures right up there with salmon lures and flies, you can find spinners at the Hole in the Wall along with approved live bait in New Hampshire. An excellent lure to add to your growing collection, whether you are a beginner or an experienced lure fisherman.

Plastic or rubber worms are another favorite lure of bass fishermen throughout New Hampshire and across the country. These should definitely be a part of your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle when you come to the local area to fish for bass. There’s no right way or wrong way to use plastic or rubber worms. You just cast it out with basic or custom fishing rods and reels, and you’ll have a great shot at landing a beautiful bass. The learning curve in using this lure is in rigging it. Try using a Texas rig to prevent it getting hung up on the weeds, as you will typically find bass hanging out in the weeds and other underwater grasses at the lake.

Cast right onto lily pads and allow the worm to slide of and sink into the water to really grab the attention of bass. You can just keep repeating the process over and over until you get a strike. Casting into thick grass can be done if you set your rigging up right. Take some time to study set-up or work with a local expert when you come to Lake Winnipesaukee to fish for bass. Spinners and worms really are the next best thing to using live bait in New Hampshire, but some experienced fishermen will tell you that they are even better in some situations.

Also known as top water lures, this type of bass lure is a very exciting and fun way to catch fish. When you do it properly, the fish will literally break the surface of the water to attack the lure. The way these lures are designed, they run along the surface of the water making noise and adding a bit of disruption to the water. Choose the type of topper that suits your style best, such as a fast-moving, side-to-side or slow topwater lure. Another popular option is known as the “buzzbait,” which requires the fisherman to quickly retrieve the lure and keep the rod tipped to keep the bait up on the surface.

This is technically a type of topper lure, which is great for beginners. They are very simple, straight forward and easy to use. Include them with your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle for great results. Much like salmon lures and flies, the success of poppers is in how you jerk the tip of the rod to disrupt the surface of the water and catch the attention of the fish. Cast it out, let it sit awhile, and then jerk the custom fishing rods and reels to make the distinct “pop” noise. Each fisherman has his own method for popping. Some give three-second pauses between pops, while others wait as long as 20 seconds.

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