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6 Species of Lake Fish & Tips for Live Bait in New Hampshire

6 Species of Lake Fish & Tips for Live Bait in New Hampshire

winter-fish-new-hampshireIf you are looking for an amazing experience with fresh water fishing, by all means come to New Hampshire. Beautiful lakes and streams and rivers flow all throughout the state, bringing some of the best year-round fishing to locals and visitors alike. New Hampshire has always been a great fishing state – even before it was a state. In 1623, Captain John Smith sent settlers here to establish a fishing colony at the mouth of the Piscataqua River. Fishermen have come from near and far to fish our bountiful waters ever since.

To find out more about what fish are being caught when you come to the local area, visit bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro like Hole in the Wall. We can let you know which live bait or salmon lures and flys are working best and we can hook you up with all of the tried and true fishing tackle that our local fishermen use. Hole in the Wall can even provide you with live bait in New Hampshire that is sure to get some fish on your hook.

Top Cold Water Fish in New Hampshire
Because it is winter, we are going to focus on the six species of lake fish that are the most popular in New Hampshire during this time of year. While they might not be found in every lake and stream, you can always check in with your trusted Wolfeboro bait stores to see what the locals are catching out on Lake Winnipesaukee or any of the other popular winter fishing spots.

  • BROOK TROUT – Known by the locals also as speckled trout or squaretail, this particular fish is found in temperatures of 68-degrees or less in well oxygenated waters. Brooks, rivers, streams and pounds are where these fish are typically found and they can be caught quite easily in live bait in New Hampshire, such as earthworms. Flies and small spinners work well for the brook trout for those who prefer lures. Approximately six inches in length at their maximum size, however it is possible to catch a four pounder in some remote ponds.
  • BROWN TROUT – By now you’ve guessed that we have a lot of trout, which is why you will see a lot of lures and live bait in New Hampshire that caters to this plentiful fish. The brown trout likes temperatures between 65 and 70-degrees and they enjoy pools that are deep and quiet, slow moving and warm. Fishermen catch this species primarily on live bait from local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro, at the twilight and nighttime hours, however spinners and flies work too. This particular trout gets to be between one and four pounds, again depending on where it is caught.
  • LAKE TROUT – A very highly prized game fish in the local region, these fish typically weigh between 3-6 pounds, but can also get to be as large at 10-pounds. The ideal temperature range for lake trout is around 50 degrees, so they are usually near the bottom in the summer, but can be a huge draw for fishermen in the winter during ice fishing season. Live bait is used, including shiners, suckers, spoons and wobblers. It is also effective to catch them using jigging with lures or cut suckers through the ice.
  • LANDLOCKED SALMON – Originally an ocean fish, the landlocked salmon was trapped in our inland lakes many years ago. They are stocked in larger lakes and prefer temperatures around 55-degrees. They usually live about 40 feet below the surface in the summer months to get to the colder waters. Best caught in early spring and late September, salmon lures and flys are particularly successful, however live bait in New Hampshire, such as trolled spoons, wobblers and even sewn-on bait are also considered to be very effective.
  • RAINBOW TROUT – This species thrives in cold water temperatures, but can stand up to 77-degrees if the water is well oxygenated. The rainbow trout is well-adapted to local lakes and streams and many different methods are used to catch this particular fish. Bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro sell a lot of spinners and flies to fishermen who are looking to catch this species, as well as live bait consisting primarily of small spoons. The size of this fish will depend on where you catch it, with lake varieties reaching up to 3-5 pounds and stream and pond varieties staying less than a pound.
  • WHITEFISH – New Hampshire lakes boast two species of whitefish known simply as the lake whitefish and the round whitefish. The lake whitefish sticks to deep, cold and clear lakes, while the round whitefish sticks to shallow waters. Caught year-round, most of the fishing for this species is done through the ice. Chumming for several days before fishing and then using a light sinker and small hook baited with cut fish near the bottom is most effective during ice fishing.

Visit Hole in the Wall for Live Bait in New Hampshire
If you are fishing in the local area of Wolfeboro or Lake Winnipesaukee, stop by Hole in the Wall to see our wide range of live bait, fishing tackle, salmon lures and flys. We also have fishing equipment rentals, Bob House rentals and just about anything you could ever need to enjoy the local area. Our family friendly bait and tackle store in Wolfeboro is conveniently located on North Main, just off the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location to take a look at everything we have to offer.

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