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5 Reasons to Secure Summer Boat Rentals in Lake Winnipesaukee

5 Reasons to Secure Summer Boat Rentals in Lake Winnipesaukee

Wolfeboro Summer Boat RentalsIf you are planning a trip up to New Hampshire to spend some time out on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, you need to make sure to secure boat rentals in Wolfeboro ahead of your trip. While this picturesque setting is popular all year-round, it is most active during the summer months when people come from all across the country to enjoy a traditional American vacation. Whether you are into fishing, recreational water sports, or just want to do some sightseeing, the best way to accomplish these activities is to learn how to rent a boat and find out what is required for a New Hampshire boat license.

Believe it or not, you can get boat rentals in Wolfeboro at the same place where you get live bait in New Hampshire at the NH Hole in the Wall. We carry a wide variety of different types of boats, depending on your experience level and needs. We even have fishing licenses, hunting licenses, ATV and trail bike licensing, as well as other essential required services. Our goal is to help our customers to get out there and maximize their visit to Lake Winnipesaukee without wasting valuable time filling out forms, hunting down equipment, or missing out on opportunities to get a boat during their visit to our local area.

Types of Boat Rentals in Wolfeboro

If you want a motor boat to use while traveling the 72 square miles of surface water on New Hampshire’s largest lake, we have a couple of different options. A New Hampshire boat license, which is really just a boating safety certificate, is required for vessels that have more than 25 horsepower (HP) engines. Anything 25 HP or less does not require a certificate. However, if you are new to boating or if it has been a while since you have operated a boat, it’s a good idea to at least take a refresher course online or at a local safety program before you come to Lake Winnipesaukee.

Our motor boats include a 13-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport that is 25 HP and a 15-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport that is 60 HP. We also have several of the popular Lund Aluminum motor boats, including 16-foot models in 25 HP, 30 HP, and 40 HP varieties, and a 16.5-foot Rebel XS model that has 75 HP. If speed is not your speed, we also have Rossiter Classic Crew row boats in a couple of different sizes, Old Town canoes, and kayak rentals, and we even have Kypad paddleboards to help you get out on the water and explore. Choose from daily, half-day, and weekly rentals, depending on your needs.

Top Reasons to Rent a Boat

There are actually a lot more than just five reasons why you should rent a boat. When it comes to renting versus owning a boat, there are lots of benefits as well. Boat ownership is expensive, from the initial cost to licensing, insurance, transportation, and storage, it can be overwhelming. Boats also depreciate, especially if you don’t invest the time and money into regular upkeep, maintenance, and seasonal winterizing. When you use boat rentals in Wolfeboro, you get the opportunity to use a new boat every time you visit. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, cleaning, or paying for insurance – just get out there and enjoying the lake!

It is easy to reserve boat rentals and take care of things like a New Hampshire boat license or boating safety certificate ahead of your visit. This helps you to reduce the amount of time you spend preparing to get out on the water so you’ll have more time to actually be out on the water. Whether you enjoy swimming, water skiing, rowing, exploring, fishing, hunting, sightseeing, or wakeboarding, you need to know how to rent a boat and make your reservations as soon as you can to ensure that you won’t miss out. Just contact our team at the NH Hole in the Wall to discuss your options and take care of the rental application and reservation ahead of time.

Other Benefits of Boat Rentals in Wolfeboro

Lake Winnipesaukee is nine-and-a-half miles wide and a staggering 28 miles long. There are 365 islands, 274 of which are habitable. Measurements reveal that there are as much as 240 miles of shoreline to explore. Only six of our islands can be reached by bridge, so anything else that you want to see and do will need to be done by boat. Boat rentals in Wolfeboro, which is the oldest summer resort town in the US, are essential to really getting the most out of your visit to New Hampshire. Contact the NH Hole in the Wall by calling 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to speak with one of our team members about how to rent a boat or to inquire about options for live bait in New Hampshire for your upcoming visit.

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